Last month and this month, Nintendo is busy launching the Wii U. And next month? It's busy not releasing games in Japan.

The company's January schedule, which was recently updated on December 3, is shockingly empty. Here, have a look for yourself:

Yikes! That's pretty freakin' dry! At the very, very bottom, there's one Wii U game coming out, a new Fist of the North Star game from Tecmo Koei. The rest of the calendar is just barren, with Nintendo seemingly nursing a Christmas comedown or recharging its batteries.


Yes, Nintendo just released a new piece of hardware and a bunch of games, and, of course, Nintendo can update this calendar in the future. But right now, January isn't even tumbleweeds for Nintendo in Japan, because at least tumbleweeds are something.

発売カレンダー [任天堂]

(Top photo: Galyna Andrushko | Shutterstock)

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