Manga cafes might be wretched hives of scum and villainy, but they are also a place where people unwind, read comics, play video games, and pass out after missing the last train. Maybe that's what happened to 23 year-old Navy serviceman Oscar Hayes Weigle, and his buddy. If so, that's easy to explain. What actually transpired, however, is not.

According to Asahi News, Weigle and another service member went to a manga cafe at midnight last night, which was well past their curfew.


As of October, due to a horrible incident in Okinawa, all U.S. service members station in Japan are subject to a curfew.

Authorities say that Weigle was intoxicated, and took off his clothes in the booth he had rented at the comic cafe. Then, at around 3am, he apparently began walking around the manga cafe in the buff and even allegedly urinated in the cafe, causing the manga cafe staff to call the cops.

"I did urinate in the cafe," Weigle is quoted as telling authorities later, "but I didn't get completely nude." When police arrived on the scene, Asashi reports that the officer discovered Weigle out of uniform and completely nude.


Weigle is stationed on the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, which entered port on November 20.

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