Some gamers are very good at video games. Some are just awful. And that's okay! Still, there must be common traits of crummy gamers, and that's what a recent thread of Japan's largest bulletin board, 2ch, tried to pin down.

The name of the thread was "Common Traits of Zero Gaming Aptitude", and the forum users compiled a list of what exactly those traits were. Here are some:


• They're not serious enough
• They don't read the instructions
• In fighting games, they keep jump kicking for the heck of it
• They break the PSP analog stick
• When they turn the wheel, their whole body turns
• They mash buttons
• They get killed by the first Goomba in Mario
• They play while looking at a walkthrough
• They look at the controller when pressing buttons
• Their finger movement has no sense of rhythm
• They think games are toys
• When they're about to lose, they reset
• They think all there is to Pokémon is Attack

I agree with some of these—and some of these I think most people are guilty of (hello, walkthroughs). And before you think, damn, 2ch users are way too strict, after some of the above comments, the commenter added a "like me" or "like I do".

Are there any traits that are missing? Anything that you are guilty of?

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