While Resident Evil 6 might not have been the best survival horror game, it sure did have nice hairdos and cool looking firearms. That's probably why Airsoft gun maker Tokyo Marui is releasing a customized version of the SIG P226 that Leon Kennedy wields in the game.

This isn't a first: Tokyo Marui has collaborated with Capcom in the past, releasing replicas of the Samurai Edge, among others.

Priced at ÂĄ27,090 and on sale next spring, this latest collaboration is limited edition and comes with a special hard carrying case.

Tokyo Marui showed off the gun at a hobby show last month. Military store Echigoya was on hand and snapped a few pictures of the replica. Have a look, and click each image to expand to full size.


2013 Limited Edition - Leon Custom [Tokyo Marui]

Correction: This is an original customized Division of Security Operations SIG that has been modified with Leon in mind. It's not the pistol he carried—apologies!