No one told the folks over at IndiePub that you're supposed to kill the turkey before shoving your entire kitchen into it. Turkey Stuffin', now available for Android and iOS, is definitely stupid, possibly fun.

You've got a turkey. You've got ingredients falling along the left side. Some are food items, like cranberry sauce, butter or a steaming cup of coffee. Others are infinitely more painful—scissors, beach balls, a 1977 Cadillac (made that last one up). Your goal is to stuff the poor bastard with as much stuff as you can without causing a shitstorm of epic proportions.

Using the right combination of ingredients unlocks recipes, which fatten the fowl considerably. For instance, butter and a beach ball equals butterball.

But mostly you're paying a dollar to put things in a turkey's ass. Is that a good deal? Eh.

Turkey Stuffin' [iTunes]

Turkey Stuffin' [Google Play]