When not appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, David Petraeus is at the center of a sex scandal—a very confusing sex scandal. Taiwan's Liu Shu-jen isn't making anything easier, either. She is making things stranger.

According to Want China Times, Liu Shu-jen is a former engineer at a Taiwanese semiconductor company. In September 2011, she received national press attention after being arrested for trying to cash 37 fraudulent traveler's checks that supposedly her boyfriend, David Petraeus, sent to her. Before that, she apparently transferred a total of $50,000 to "David's offshore accounts".


Liu claimed that she was in an online relationship with the general and that he was going to bust her out of prison, even if, as she quoted "David", "it will start World War III."

...and that never happened.

Recently, Liu told China Times that she wasn't surprised about the general's resignation because, as she claimed, he wrote her a letter on November 9, saying he was going to leave his post after the elections. She also said that President Obama referenced her in one of the Presidential debates, but didn't mention her name directly.


"I always believe that David will come to Taiwan to visit me," she added. "In fact, the Taiwanese government should consider inviting David to Taiwan to promote the relationship between the two countries."

Liu said she could not make the letter publicly available due to personal reasons and added she had not heard of the recent scandal forcing him to resign.

"I am deeply in love with him, therefore I am worried about his safety," said Liu. After hearing about this lady, I am worried about the general's safety, too.

Petraeus' Taiwanese 'lover' still waiting for a visit [Want China Times via BeijingCream]

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