It's that time again. It's time to look for Kotaku East interns. Do you live in Asia? Would you like to intern with Kotaku? Have I got something for you!

In particular, Kotaku East is looking for interns in Asia that are located outside of Japan. Here are the particulars:


• You must be over 18-years-old.
• You must have a valid visa or citizenship for the country in which you reside.
• You must live in Asia.
• You must be highly proficient in the language your country speaks.
• You must have a computer, internet, and a camera.

Oh! You also must like video games. Intern work is paid only in experience and, hopefully, fond memories. Note that any interns that are brought on should be college students in order to earn credit for their work.

Interested individuals send an 80 word writing sample on a recent game you played as well as a photo you took of something gaming related where you live. Don't forget your resume, too! Send all this to bashcraftATkotakuDOTcom with the subject line "Asia Intern".


The internship won't actually start until next January. In the meantime... Get to it!

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