In case you hadn't figured out how this works yet, Rovio releases a new Angry Birds game, and then it sits on the charts for months and months and months. This week we welcome the latest Rovio chart-sitter, Angry Birds Star Wars.

It's a week of major releases on the iPad, unlike last week where everyone just bought and downloaded whatever they could get their hands on. Between the space birds and the pretty pony princesses I'll be busy all weekend long.

Okay, probably just playing the pony game. I tried.

Top Paid iPad Games - 11/9/2012

1. Angry Birds Star Wars HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

This surprises absolutely no one.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD on iTunes

2. Wreck-It Ralph
Last Week's Position: 4 (+2)

The Disney powerhouse continues to run rampant over iTunes.

Wreck-It Ralph on iTunes

3. Bad Piggies
Last Week's Position: 3 (0)
Rovio's latest keeps Rovio's other latest sitting in the three spot.

Bad Piggies on iTunes

4. The Room
Last Week's Position: 2 (-2)

Mind-bending puzzles inside specially marked boxes of The Room.

The Room on iTunes

5. Minecraft Pocket Edition
Last Week's Position: 6 (+1)

Still hip to be square.

Minecraft Pocket Edition on iTunes

6. Infinity Blade II
Last Week's Position: N/A

Shouldn't this have been on the charts all along?

Infinity Blade II on iTunes

7. Where's My Water?
Last Week's Position: N/A

Proof you can't keep a good alligator drowned.

Where's My Water on iTunes

8. Need for Speed Most Wanted
Last Week's Position: 7 (-1)

Need for Speed Most Wanted isn't slowing down, the other cars are just a little bit faster.

Need for Speed Most Wanted on iTunes

9. Angry Birds Space HD
Last Week's Position: 9 (0)

That's three games in the top ten for Rovio. That's actually normal.

Angry Birds Space HD on iTunes

10. Disney Junior Minnie Mouseke-Puzzles
Last Week's Position: N/A

The pinkest game I've ever seen.

Disney Junior Minnie Mouseke-Puzzles on iTunes

While all of you are busy downloading the Minnie Mouse game, I'm going to check out this week's freebies.

Top Free iPad Games - 11/9/2012

1. Pocket Climber HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

People like pockets. People like climbing. No brainer.

Pocket Climber HD on iTunes

2. Extreme Road Trip 2
Last Week's Position: N/A

Your regular crappy road trips will never be as fulfilling as they once were.

Extreme Road Trip 2 on iTunes

3. Bingo Run HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

Combines the wit and charm of Cannonball Run with the non-stop excitement of Bingo, probably.

Bingo Run HD on iTunes

4. Catapult King
Last Week's Position: N/A

It's going to be one of those weeks with barely any holdovers from the previous one, isn't it?

Catapult King on iTunes

5. Granny Smith
Last Week's Position: N/A

Smashing an old woman through a plate glass window has never felt so good.

Granny Smith on iTunes

6. Aerox
Last Week's Position: N/A

Anyone keeping count? That's six completely new entries this week so far.

Aerox on iTunes

7. Zookeeper DX
Last Week's Position: N/A

Seven new entries! And who doesn't love Zookeeper?

Zookeeper DX on iTunes

8. Monopoly Hotels
Last Week's Position: N/A

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Monopoly Hotels on iTunes

9. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Last Week's Position: N/A

Okay, I can see the appeal of this one.

My Little Pony on iTunes

10. Fix-it Felix Jr.
Last Week's Position: N/A

Of course he shows up.

Fix-it Felix Jr. on iTunes

And there you have it, an Angry Birds Star Wars-displaced paid chart and a COMPLETELY NEW free chart. Let's try and carry over some of those free games to next week, kids.