Dear Namco Bandai, you should probably pay more attention to the Windows Phone platform, if only to make sure people don't get confused about Pac-Man continuity.

Yes, one of this week's top free games is Pacman 8. Not Pac-Man 8, but Pacman 8. That's an important distinction. It also bears noting that there is also a paid version of Pacman 8. which means the folks at are making a buck or two off of that iconic yellow disc.

I'm sure Namco Bandai gave its blessing. Probably.

Top Paid Windows Phone Games - 11/8/2012

1. Angry Birds
Last Week's Position: 2 (+1)
Angry Birds without the Star Wars should be called Sad Birds.

Angry Birds on Windows Phone

2. Big Buck Hunter Pro
Last Week's Position: N/A
Because we can't trust our big buck hunting to amateurs, now can we?

Big Buck Hunter Pro on Windows Phone

3. Fruit Ninja
Last Week's Position: 3 (0)
The staying power of this stupid little game is astounding.

Fruit Ninja on Windows Phone

4. Cracking Sands
Last Week's Position: 2 (-2)
Those cracking sands just aren't cracking as much as they used to.

Cracking Sands on Windows Phone

5. Burn It All
Last Week's Position: N/A
This one's been burning its way up the charts for a bit. Last week it was number 11. This week it counts!

Burn It All on Windows Phone

6. Extraction
Last Week's Position: 4 (-2)
Slowly extracting itself from the top ten list.

Extraction on Windows Phone

7. iStunt 2
Last Week's Position: 8 (+1)
People love snowboarding games. Well, I love snowboarding games, and I am people.

iStunt 2 on Windows Phone

8 Carcassonne
Last Week's Position: 6 (-2)
Hey, I'm just glad this game is on the charts at all.

Carcassonne on Windows Phone

9. Asphalt 5
Last Week's Position: N/A
Asphalt 5 isn't always on the Windows Phone charts, but when it is, it's in the number 9 slot.

Asphalt 5 on Windows Phone

10. Plants Vs. Zombies
Last Week's Position: N/A
Halloween's morbid fascination with zombies and healthy teeth brough PvZ back from the dead.

Plants Vs. Zombies on Windows Phone

Hey kids, want some free games on your Windows Phone? Don't laugh, that's how some of these next ten were marketed.

Top Free Windows Phone Games - 11/8/2012

1. Roller Coaster
Last Week's Position: 3 (+2)
Roller coaster... of love. (Say what?) Roller coaster. A hoo-hoo-hoo.

Roller Coaster on Windows Phone

2. Xbox Live Extras
Last Week's Position: 1 (-1)
A new batch of Windows phones means a fresh batch of Xbox Live account linking and such.

Xbox Live Extras on Windows Phone

3. AE Skee Ball
Last Week's Position: 4 (+1)
Oh come on, it's Skee Ball! Seriously?

AE Skee Ball on Windows Phone

4. Throw the Knife
Last Week's Position: 5 (+1)
Throw me the knife, I'll throw you the statuette.

Throw the Knife on Windows Phone

5. Sudoku
Last Week's Position: N/A
Putting together these charts is pretty much the same thing as playing this game.

Sudoku on Windows Phone

6. Pacman 8
Last Week's Position: N/A
It's amazing the sort of shady stuff you can push out when you're an indie developer not charging money for your games.

Pacman 8 on Windows Phone

7. Lucky Fishing
Last Week's Position: 7 (0)
Incredibly lucky fishing if you ask me.

Lucky Fishing on Windows Phone

8. Lucky Coin Dozer
Last Week's Position: 2 (-6)
This one wasn't so lucky.

Lucky Coin Dozer on Windows Phone

9. Minesweeper
Last Week's Position: N/A
Minesweeper is one of the greatest free games of all time.

Minesweeper on Windows Phone

10. AE 3D Motor
Last Week's Position: 10 (0)
No one really loves this game, they just keep it hanging on.

AE 3D Motor on Windows Phone

Another week down, only all of them left to go! Join me next week, when the theme will be top Windows Phone games.