Online games require time. Time isn't something that ten year-old Xiao Liu has. See, her mom has been limiting how long she could play online with her friends. That has made the girl upset. How was she to level up and keep up the pace with her friends?

Not having enough time to grind, Xiao kept throwing tantrums, which became more and more of a problem. Mrs. Liu decided to make a compromise with her daughter. A highly unusual compromise at that.

"I play the game for my daughter," Mrs. Liu told 10yan. "A few months ago she started playing this game with her friends and would play all the time, forgetting to do her homework."

While Xiao was studying, Mrs. Liu would play and level up her daughter's character in online game Mole Manor. The game, which is quite similar to Animal Crossing, is a simple online browser game that's quite popular in China with children—so much so that there's even a cartoon version, and at least one mother grinding through it for her kid.

十堰37岁妈妈竟每天帮女儿玩游戏/a> [News 10yan]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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