Japan is getting a new kind of Pepsi. It's a special kind. It's so special that the name of it is, well, Pepsi Special.

The drink is actually designated as a "food for specified health uses". This means the product is regulated by the Japanese government and has its seal of approval.

Pepsi Special actually contains indigestible form dextrin, which is used as a dietary fiber supplement and makes it difficult for the body to absorb fat while eating. Pepsi Special isn't the first cola of this kind released in Japan. However, it is one of the first.

Pepsi and Suntory worked together so that Pepsi Special doesn't have an overpowering dextrin aftertaste, but a refreshing Pepsi finish.

Priced at ¥150 (US$1.87), Pepsi Special goes on sale November 13 throughout Japan.


「ペプシ スペシャル(特定保健用食品)」新発売 [Suntory]

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