If you've played Resident Evil 6, you might have noticed that "Yashichi" appears as a TV brand. Yashichi isn't a real brand. It's an in-joke. Ha ha.

For years, the shuriken-like Yashichi emblem has appeared in Capcom games, starting with the first Capcom game, 1984's Vulgus. It went on to appear in one form or another in games like Ghost 'n Goblins, 1942, and numerous Mega Man games. Most recently, it appeared in Resident Evil 6—as spotted by Japanese site Rocket News.

Read more about Yashichi over on its wikia page.

『バイオハザード6』のゲーム内に登場するテレビのメーカーが判明! [ロケットニュース]

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