Recently, in the city of Kuki, Japan, a speed-dating event was held for otaku (geeks). What made this event unique was that the participants wore masks as they looked for a prospective marriage partner. What better way to fall in love, than with someone with Chimchar on his or her face!

In English, the event's title translates to "Otaku Marriage Seeking Masked Ball: The Unconventional Marriage Hunting of Geeks". According to Mantan Web, there was folk dancing and one-on-one talks, as the masked participants got spent time with each other.

The masks helped the guys and gals put emphasis on substance instead of superficiality. (That is, unless some of the participants became smitten because of the masks.)

Nine males participated, and eight women, and the event lead to the creation of four couples, and one sad, lonely dude in a silly mask.

The event was so successful that another masked ball for marriage seeking nerds is planned.


Fun fact: The city of Kuki *should* be familiar to fans of the anime Lucky Star.

お面かぶってカップル5割 好評につき次回も開催 [Mantan Web]

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