This March, a NSFW thread popped up on 2ch, the country's largest bulletin board. The thread's title was "Let's Gather All the Nude Art Model Pics by Searching Google!", and it featured an array of nude art models.

But something funny happened. An internet superstar was discovered.

The original thread from March seems to have featured only one photo of the soon to be infamous model. However, there were other threads in which people were talking about what it's like to be a nude art model, how much money one makes, how long one must keep the same pose, etc.


Then, shortly thereafter, someone zeroed in on this soon to be infamous nude model, and sealed his fate with the thread title, "This Male Nude Art Model Is So Freaky lulz".

The notoriety was for the model's unbelievable, mind-boggling poses. Poses like these:

What's up with his mobile phone? And the broom? And the bucket? Even more perplexing was that nobody seemed able to comprehend how one would actually draw these poses. They looked truly odd. And thus, the pictures set off a flurry of Photoshops, and soon this nude art model was being dubbed "the most famous male nude art model in Japan".


And for good reason; his poses were unlike anything people had seen before. Besides models, there are nude model art books (of course, sold in Japan for fine art, illustration, and manga art), but the poses in those are nothing compared to what this guy was doing.

The photos continue to spawn threads—most recently, there was one a few days ago. And occasionally, threads will pop up with people claiming to have found "uncensored" images or even photos of the model completely dressed.

Someone in the original thread pointed out, "I now understand that being an art model is a tough gig." Especially when you're doing naked handstands.

If you think you're able to top any of the Japanese Photoshops (below), have at it in the comments section.

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