The legal imbroglio in which Kevin Butler (really, actor Jerry Lambert) found himself the past week provided the grist for our latest roundup of 'Shop Contest spoofs. We have all the finalists inside, plus overall winner and longtime 'Shop Contest all-star ArnieJolt!

Getting started, I asked for the Bad Dudes dudes cross examining Butler with Asshole Dog from Duck Hunt as the judge. Johnny Stanley (4) was the only one capable for following orders. discoron (3) conjures up either Lambert's next promotional gig, or an even worse betrayal. ykx (3) seats a venerable appellate panel to hear Butler's imminent appeal.


Pan_1da7 (6) reaches into subject matter near and dear to my heart. Great mustache, too. Is there any ricin in the orange juice? Lars K. Tennyson (5) had a crowd favorite with this rogues' gallery of great Butlers. My favorite is the foam middle finger.

Overall No. 1s? AttorneyAtMusic turned in an animated .gif, well worth rewarding the effort. I'm guessing that's Kaz Hirai as Atticus Finch in sciteach's shop (7). Best overall belongs to arniejolt (1). The old ripping off Helios' head 'Shop never gets old, and is perfectly appropriate here.

Congrats to all the finalists, and thanks to all who entered. We have a new contest tomorrow, with another twist on how to enter. Stay tuned.




Johnny Stanley

Lars K Tennyson