Tokyo's Akihabara is soon getting a geeked out cooking school. Dubbed Kitchen A La Mode, it's a moé style cooking class, aimed at otaku.

"While I'm an otaku, I like cooking," Kitchen A La Mode's manager told Japanese site Akiba Blog. "Even if there are otaku who cook, there are those who do not cook at all. This lowers the hurdle to cook." The stereotype is that Japanese geeks don't cook, preferring to eat out or dine on instant food at home.

The food seems to be the types of dishes you get in maid cafes. They're simple dishes like rice omelets as well as nikujaga.

While the goal might be to wean otaku off instant ramen, fast food, and convenience stores, that seems to be a somewhat expensive proposition: A ninety minute course is ¥7,800 on weekdays and ¥9,800 on weekends and holidays. That does include three dishes, which you cook with one of the female instructors. You don't have to bring anything as Kitchen A La Mode prepares all the ingredients.

And after you cook your food with the instructor, you get to eat it. Alone.

秋葉原にオープンする男性オタク向け料理教室「きっちんあらも~ど」 先行レポ [アキバBlog]

女の子と一緒に料理する萌え系料理教室、アキバにオープン [IT Media]

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