Earlier this summer, Nippon Ichi Software announced a feature film adaptation of horror series Hayarigami.

The news was revealed at Nippon Ichi's 20th anniversary press conference. Casting calls commenced, and there were plans—big plans—to take the movie overseas.

Today, Nippon Ichi Software has some bad news about that project.

Nippon Ichi had been working with Music Cinemas Japan on said project, but that company has since gone bankrupt.

"The status of bringing the game to the big screen became difficult," reads a Nippon Ichi statement on the matter. According to Nippon Ichi, they game company doesn't want this to be the end of the film version, but is momentarily putting the project on hold.


Shame this happened as the Hayarigami games, which debuted back in 2004 on the PS2, seem creepy as all hell. Check out this footage of Hayarigami 3.

映画『流行り神』無期延期のお知らせ [NIS]

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