Earlier this afternoon, Electronic Arts' official Twitter feed posed a question tailor-made for the post-lunch doldrums of a hump day in a four-day work week. If you could turn one movie into a video game, what would you choose? The question gathered more than 600 responses.

Curiously, none of them mentioned Road House. None mentioned They Live. None mentioned Buckaroo Banzai, nor Deliverance, but that's probably a good thing. There was a lot of Inception, and Hunger Games and The Neverending Story, though.

We've culled together more than 30 other replies representing gaming's cinephile constituency. What's your take, should any of these be greenlit? Or do you have something else in mind?

Hey. The Godfather II was not a horrible movie. Just a horrible game.

Yes. Although it sounds a little too: Driver: San Francisco-y.

They did, junior, it was called Dark Forces.

Great answer if Capcom was asking the question.

Wasn't that a Meg Ryan romantic comedy?

Chuck Norris' characters don't appear in video games' reality. Video game characters appear in Chuck Norris' reality.

Might want to ask Gearbox about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Kaos Studios about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Sierra about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Zipper Interactive about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Radical Entertainment about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Ubisoft about that idea's viability.

Oh Jesus Christ, no.

Thought provoking.

You mean Need for Speed: The Run?

I fart in your general direction.




YES. But only if you can get the full soundtrack.

Was that the Brazilian title of this movie starring Heather Graham?

They've done three of these already, Jordan.

Considering that was a U.S. remake of a Chinese crime film, I'd suggest you check out Sleeping Dogs.

We've come full circle when we're this starved for a World War II shooter.

Zynga's lawyer weighs in.

Yes, because who doesn't want to listen to 12 hours of Nicholas Cage speaking in a fake Southern accent.

They DID. It was SHIT.

Oh God, NO.

I'm trying to imagine the need for motion controls here.

Haven't heard of that one.

A little Red Dead Redemption-y, but The Good, the Bad and the Ugly will always have a special place in my heart.


Another winner!

This is hands down the winner.