There's someone for everyone. That's what they say, right? They, whoever the hell they are, might not be correct. Some folks can't settle on that special someone for whatever reason, and others don't necessarily want to.

However, surely there are folks who are alone—forever alone—but would at least like photographic proof that they are not. No doubt, this is a very, very small segment of the people.

But it's a segment that needs a tripod, a wig, and some ladylike nail polish.

Japan's curio site Daily Portal (via PetaPixel) has a tongue-in-cheek, straight-faced but totally not serious tutorial for taking "make out" photos.

"It doesn't make if you don't have a partner," writes Daily Portal. "There's a way you can realize your dreams of making out."


Daily Portal gives a step-by-step guide, that includes how to hug yourself so it looks like someone else is (use nail polish for greater realism!) and holding a wig to double as your imaginary squeeze.

The process is simple: First set up the camera and check the focus; then, get your companion (i.e., a wig), and set the camera's timer. That's right, you don't even need someone to take the photo, let along someone to actually make out with.


There's also advice on selecting camera angles and composition as well as locations that seem like places couples do make out.


And what can you do with your forever alone make out photos? Impress colleagues and friends, assuming you have them.

異性とイチャイチャした写真を撮る方法 [Daily Portal via via PetaPixel]

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