By no means is this the first Hello Kitty sofa, and no means is it the last. This month, a new Kitty-chan sofa is going on sale in Japan.

The sofa is priced at ¥198,000, which is US$2,525 (shipping is another ¥3,150 or $40). Why the high price? As My Navi points out, the made-in-Japan is the work of master furniture craftsmen from Shizuoka City, an area famed for its furniture.

There are also My Melody and Pompompurin sofas. At ¥178,000 ($2,270), the Pompompurin one is slightly cheaper—a steal!

ハローキティとマイメロディのソファ受注販売開始。家具職人が丁寧に手作り [MyNavi]

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