Apple's new maps suck. Everyone knows that. They especially stink in South Korea. For example, the Blue House, the country's executive office, is mixed up with a Chinese restaurant in a Seoul train station. This is among other misses, including overlooking the names of important mountains that everyone knows.

According to Livedoor, The Korean government is asking Apple to make the necessary corrections—and is going one step further by offering what exactly needs to be fixed.

The country's mountainous terrain is no doubt difficult to map, and there are bound to be blunders. Most likely, this isn't trolling! But given the recent legal spat between the two companies, I'm not entirely convinced this Samsung mistake was not...

Above is how Samsung's headquarters apparently appear in Apple Maps. Or how it doesn't appear, rather.


韓国政府、米アップルに「サムスン本社を空き地」と表示した地図アプリを修正するよう要請 [Livedoor]

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