Japanese variety show Waratte Iitomo! ("It's Okay to Laugh!") is the longest running, continuously hosted live program in the world. It's a cultural institution in Japan, and its host, Tamori, is iconic—like the Milton Berle of Japan.

And today on that show, guest Lily Franky brought a special guest: his girlfriend, a love doll.

Lily Franky is an illustrator, novelist, producer, actor, photographer, picture book author, columnist, designer—dude does a lot of stuff. He's a fantastic writer and has a good sense of humor.

Before he appeared on the show today, he was asked to bring his "rumored girlfriend" on the show. As a gag (this isn't his real girlfriend!), he wheeled out a love doll instead.


What makes this joke so unexpected is that Waratte Iitomo is broadcasted at noon—meaning that it reaches a rather docile spectrum of viewers. It's hardly racy TV. Today, however, it was.

(放送事故) リリー・フランキーさんが 「笑っていいとも!」 出演で、なんと"ラブドール" を彼女として紹介!! [DSPSP初心者講座]

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