Hello tacky! Sony is readying two PS3 super slim specials (one for Yakuza 5 and the other for Ken's Rage). Both are shockingly unattractive.

Why are they so ugly? Well, for starters, Sony has always been really good about releasing cool looking PS3 special editions. However, with the new hardware, the ribbed face makes decoration tricky. So Sony now has to work around a big chunk of the console and can literally decorate only around the edges. The result just looks odd.

If you are interested in these consoles (and honestly, I have no idea why you would be), the Ken's Rage Legend Edition PS3 will be out December 20 for ¥33,170, while the Yakuza 5 Emblem Edition console will be out December 6 for ¥37,800. Both consoles have a 250GB HDD, come with a copy of each respective game, and each get special controllers. (Though, that Ken's Rage controller, looks like it's covered in bird crap!)

Chalk up the price difference to the Yakuza 5 console getting a beach towel and a special 8GB USB memory with special content. The Ken's Rage console comes with a smartphone pouch and a download code for an in-game costume.

If you want a new, redesigned PS3, spring for the vanilla version. It looks better without the decorations.


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