Well, I guess there technically are words, but man. Just. Look. At. That.

Previously, Kotaku posted how Burger King Japan was unleashing a "Kuro Burger" ("kuro" means "black" in Japanese) with black ketchup, made from squid ink and garlic.

Japanese website Gigazine took one for the team and ordered the meal. How did it taste? According to Gigazine, it was good, but tasted like, well, a Burger King burger. No big surprises, which might have been the biggest surprise.

Burger King Japan said the concept behind this burger was "irrationality". But from what Gigazine wrote, it all sounds very, well, rational:

"Certainly, the black appearance makes a big impact," noted Gigazine, "but the taste was surprisingly traditional."


So never judge a burger by its buns? Or something.

真っ黒な「黒バーガー」をバーガーキングに食べに行ってきました [Gigazine]


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