Kotobukiya, one of the world's top collectible companies, has a line of pieces it calls "Bishoujo". What that normally means for fans are statues of female characters rendered in anime style and with, um, disproportionate proportions.

There's a market for that kind of thing, I'm sure, but for many it's a little much. Which is why it's nice to see their second Mass Effect statue, modelled after the new default FemShep, plays it straight.


Your mileage on it will vary depending on your reaction to the stylised face, but surprising even myself, I really like it!

It'll be out in March 2013. The BioWare store will also have an exclusive variant that'll have a different hair colour, weapon and pose, with pics and images due there on Wednesday.

Those who prefer their Shepards a little more masculine, and realistic in nature, can check out this alternative from Sideshow.