At this year's Tokyo Game Show, game company D3 Publisher is apparently offering Dream Club curry ramen with soymilk and other stuff. Dream Club is D3P's hostess simulator, and this colorful ramen is a real world way to prove yourself to the in-game hostess Amane.

There are two versions: both are barftastic. The deluxe version has sashimi, cucumber, banana, pork, edamame, tomatoes, chestnuts, sprinkles, cream, and gummies, among other toppings. (See above; stirred version below.)

The barebones version is slightly less stomach churning, but still does not look appetizing.

Okay, this looks gross. DP3 acknowledged that this ramen looks gross. But those who order it will get a button to wear around the Tokyo Game Show like a badge of honor.


東京ゲームショウで販売する『ドリームクラブ』ラーメンがグロすぎると話題に [痛いニュース]

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