Remember Terriers? Man, that show was great. (Too bad about the terrible name.) In the annals of dead-before-their-time TV shows, Terriers is right up there with Firefly, for my money.

And hey, as it turns out, both of those shows had amazing flashback episodes written by Mr. Tim Minear! Yeah, the guy who wrote "Out of Gas" for Firefly also wrote "Sins of the Past" for Terriers. As it so happens, just for fun I've done a joint recap of "Sins of the Past" with my friend, writer, producer and Television Without Pity recapper John "Couch Baron" Ramos. I thought that any Terriers fans here might enjoy it.


Do you agree that a second season of Terriers would have been amazing? Don't you wish we could have seen the inevitable Hank/Laura romance? What would have happened after that final scene? (Aw man, just thinking about it bums me out.)

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Terriers Recap 1-11 "Sins Of The Past" Recap [Pull Up A Chair]