Just in case you were worried that Square Enix hasn't released enough pricey mobile games over the past few weeks, here's another!

Above is a trailer for Drakerider, a new RPG for iOS and Android. [Update: Apparently Square Enix is only releasing the game on iOS in the U.S.]


You can download the first chapter for free today, then buy chapters two through five for $7 each or the whole thing for $21.

Here's Square Enix's description of the game:

You play as Aran Lawson, on a quest to save the world from destruction by the Dread, after stumbling into a pact with a dragon in the course of your regular work.

Ride into battle on your dragon's back, keeping the mighty steed under control with reins of steel.

Loosen your grip to let it find its full attack potential, but know that this is a brutal creature - given too much slack, it will attack its master, and your adventure will meet a hasty, premature end.

It's kill or be killed, as you forge a tale with the world's most lethal partner.

What do you think? Look interesting?