Meet Kong Suni. She doesn't just wear cute frocks and eat all the food you shovel in her mouth. Oh no, she'll also toot—because tooting is cute, and so is poop.

In Korea—as well as elsewhere in much of Asia—doo-doo is often shown as adorable when presented to kids. This, of course, is to encourage children to be potty trained and to be "regular" with their bowel movements. The country is also home to the Toilet House, the world's largest toilet theme park.

While Western potty training dolls do exist, Kong Suni takes that doll subgenre to an entirely new level with farting doll and even a toilet play set that includes a "flushable" happy golden turd. Don't just marvel at Korean cars, electronics, or internet speed. The country's farting dolls are world class.

Kong Suni, The Farting Baby Doll [Heaven]

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