In the above clip, a Chinese gamer ignores several booth companions while he focuses on what looks like side-scrolling role-playing game Zhan Hun (roughly, "Soul Decapitation").

The clip is now going viral, but it's actually from the China Joy expo earlier this summer. This is probably a stunt by a game company—however, it could also be some sort of gag a fan did at the show. Or, as the YouTube title hints, a "professional gamer in action". If you do watch the clip, note that, yes, it's kind of tacky! (It's also vaguely reminiscent of this Russian Counter-Strike stripper stunt from a few years back.)

This year's China Joy saw all sorts of peculiar incidents—some staged, some seemingly not. There was money throwing, booth renting, money flower giving and booth companion banning.

a professional gamer in action [YouTube]

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