According to reports out of China, a man in Guangzhou phoned the police because he thought the Spicy McChicken he ordered was too darn spicy.

After getting his food, the man sat down and took a bite. Website The Nanfang reports that the man seemed surprised by his sandwich, so he called over a McDonald's employee to take a bite. Then, supposedly, the hot-mouthed man called the police!

When the police arrived, the officer tried to get the man to calm down. The McDonald's even went the extra mile, giving him a cola and some grilled chicken legs.

As The Nanfang points out, most people online in China think this guy has mental problems (or maybe he just thought he ordered a regular McChicken?), but did note that he was able to score two meals for the price of one. Don't forget internet fame—he got that, too!


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下次肯德基小哥不帅我也报警 [Weibo via TheNanfang]

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