This Metal Gear Rex plastic model kit from figure maker Kotobukiya might not look so impressive if you compare it to the insane (and huge) Rex figure from ThreeA. But this Kotobukiya version has more than a Rex. It also has little people.

That's right, the 1/100 scale comes with teeny-tiny Metal Gear characters: Liquid Snake, Solid Snake, and two Cyborg Ninja. Sure, you'll need to paint them, but still, one of the Cyborg Ninja is for you to SMUSH with the Rex. How cool is that?!


Check out these images are of a completed (and painted) Rex. The plastic model kit will be out this December in Japan for ¥8,190 (US$103)—though, online retailers have it for cheaper.

メタルギアソリッド 1/100 メタルギア REX プラスチックキット [AmiAmi]

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