Kasumi is one of the most iconic characters in Japanese gaming. Her ninja outfit in its various colors is instantly recognizable. She isn't merely in Dead or Alive; she is Dead or Alive.

What makes great Kasumi cosplay great is that it doesn't merely rely on the character's curvy physique, but also pulls off the character's strength, whether that's through posing, hard-nosed stares, or punchy-punchy and stabby-stabby. It's also interesting to note that while other famous female fighting game characters, such as Chun-Li, have their fair share of male cosplayers, Kasumi appears to be a women-only preserve. (If you do know of any male Kasumi cosplayers, please pass them along!)

The above gallery has some—but not all—of the best Kasumi cosplay around. Now, I ask you: Who pulled off the iconic ninja fighter best?

If you interested in more about Kasumi, check out her Wikia page. The latest DOA title, Dead or Alive 5, will be out this fall.

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(Top photo: Kipi/grellkaLoli/Giorgiacosplay_lede)