My memory is foggy. I'm getting older. But I sure don't remember Digimon being this sexualized. Do you?

Today, Namco Bandai announced some new Digimon content, including touch-based mobile title Digimon Crusader. The game, which is an RPG, seems way more adult than the Digimon games I remember. Maybe because the first wave of Digimon players are...adults?

This art style, however, shouldn't be a surprise if you've been paying attention (I haven't!). PSP Digimon World: Re: Digitize, which was released this past July, had similar art.

This fall, Digimon Crusader will be released on smartphones in Japan.


Update: Fahey points out that Angewomon looked similar from Season 1. So there ya go.

デジモン初のスマホゲー、iOS『デジモンクルセイダー』発表!タッチを使ったカードRPG エンジェウーモンがじつにエロい [はちま起稿]