You are looking at a meat bun of virtual idol Hatsune Miku. This isn't the horror part. The horror has not yet started. Oh no. This gets worse—much worse.

The above photo (taken by Otalab) shows a fresh Hatsune Miku meat bun. But what happens when the Miku buns are left in their Family Mart bun locker all day? Or when people start eating them? Or playing with their food? Or worse? Horrors, that's what. *shudder

In case you missed it, here is Japan playing with the Dragon Quest Slime meat bun.

『はちゅねミク肉まん』があまりにホラー過ぎると話題に [秒刊SUNDAY]

「ファミリーマート限定:はちゅねミク肉まん(ネギ塩味)」 [へかぶろぐ]

ファミマの「はちゅねミク肉まん」がグロすぎると話題に [痛いニュース]

(Top photo: Otalab)

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