The PS Vita will be getting a firmware update soon which will allow for a bunch of new features, including the long-awaited PS1 game compatibility. However, by opening the doors to older classics, Sony could potentially be exposing or creating new security holes to hackers who would eagerly exploit them.

The new system update, version 1.80, will be available on August 28th by jumping over 1.7 will be adding several heavily anticipated upgrades from the current version 1.691. The new features will include:

• Compatibility with PS1 games (It is still uncertain whether the PS1 archive games already out will be Vita compatible, or if Sony will be releasing a Vita specific lineup)

• Added use of button control for certain applications where previously only touch screen interface was allowed

• Speed control and repeat function for video

• Playlist compatibility with PlayStation 3 and iTunes playlists (Ver 10.6.3 or newer for iTunes)


• Increased cross-platform functionality with a "Cross Controller" feature to control specific PlayStation 3 software with the PS Vita through the Remote Play LiveArea

Hot on the heels of the new firmware update, the hacker, wololo, who developed one of the first executable custom software (Vita Half Byte Loader or VHBL for short) for the Vita, has announced he will release a new VHBL on the same date as the firmware update release, or shortly after in September, which will probably annoy the Hell out of Sony. Wololo's original hack utilized a weakness not in the Vita's firmware itself, but in games run on the PSP emulator in the Vita. This means that by enabling a PS1 emulator to run on the Vita, there could be a whole new batch of potential security holes that could be used to run custom software on the Vita. No doubt there will likely be several subsequent updates to follow.


PlayStation Vita 2012年8月28日(火)のシステムソフトウェアアップデートバージョン1.80により、新機能追加 [SCEI]

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