Sun Jifa lost both hands while constructing a homemade bomb. The explosive was to be used for blast fishing, but accidentally went off. Unable to work on his family farm and unable to afford pricey prosthetic limbs, the 51 year-old came up with a plan: build the arms himself.

For eight years, Sun toiled, constructing prosthetic limbs from scrap metal, hose, tape, and sheer gumption. Website MIC and Mail Online explain that his elbows control the prosthetic hands: so if he moves his elbow forward, the palm will open. There are also removable hooks on each hand that he can use to manipulate and lift heavy farming equipment.

Each arm weighs nearly one kilogram, and they can get hot in summer and cold in winter.

As MIC points out, thanks to his self-made artificial limbs, Sun can work on his farm, feed himself, brush his teeth, use a phone, play the harmonica, ride a motorcycle—live a normal life, all on his own.

Sun is currently working on a MKII version for other disabled people, adding that there's no need to pay high hospital fees.

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(Top photo: Online)

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