Before you go all what is this I don't even, yes, you are looking at sex doll that reviews video game hardware. From handhelds like the 3DS XL to racing wheels, this pleasure aid reviews them all.

The doll's name appears to be "Doll", and she has a huge collection of all the latest gaming gear, which she puts through the paces. So while Doll liked the Hori Mario Kart peripheral, she was less thrilled about using the Sony head mounted display to play WipEout (it make her head hurt—writing this post made mine hurt).

More recently, Doll liked the 3DS XL, saying that the large screen made the 3DS games easy to see and also made it akin to playing her 3DS games again for the first time. She also is a fan of Hori's arcade sticks, saying that they're solid and that she prefers them to controllers.

Surprisingly, her reviews are actual reviews—creepy, but still reviews.

Don't believe everything Doll says, though. This could be a stunt by Orient Industry, the sex doll company that made her. What's more, while reviewing Taiko no Tatsujin for the Wii, she scored zero points—"well, naturally," she blogged. This is a sex doll, remember!

Dollroom [ドールーム via 2ch]

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