Last week, torrential rain battered the Philippines. According to CNN, flooding has impacted 2.4 million people. Tragically, the death toll has reached 90, and there are concerns over the spread of disease. Serious stuff.

Online in Japan, there are photos of Filipinos dealing with an awful situation the best way they can. Some of the photos show kids surfing, while others show people floating on inflatable rafts.

Not all the photos are real—the above photo seems to be a Photoshop (Japanese forum users point out that the reflections in the water don't look real). The image has gone viral, so take this as heads up that this image looks manipulated and does not accurately depict the gravity of this natural disaster.

Kotaku hopes all of its readers in the Philippines (as well as friends or family there) are safe and sound.

洪水で首都が完全に沈没しているのにフィリピン人が楽しみすぎているwwwwwww [暇つぶしニュース]

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