Perhaps the strangest news of the day, if not much longer, is that cult 90's shooter Rise of the Triad is getting a remake.

Considering a whole generation of gamers has now grown up likely not having played the thing, they're probably wondering, what's all the fuss about?

Here's what all the fuss is about.

• It had dual-wielding pistols! This was 1994-95, not 2004-05, so that was pretty great.


• The game's developers called themselves "The Developers of Incredible Power".

• Believe it or not, RotT was originally planned as an expansion pack for Wolfenstein. Hence the presence of a few WW2 weapons in an otherwise contemporary game.

• For the time (actually, also for this time), it was gory. So gory that, if you could chain enough exploding enemies together, you'd get congratulated with a "Ludicrous Gibs!" message.


• RotT was one of the first ever PC shooters to feature a large and robust multiplayer mode, with around ten players supported.

• The game was designed by Tom Hall, a co-founder of id Software and a guy who would later also play a leading role on the original Deus Ex.