Never before has a pair of godlike beings doing battle on a scale that's at once miniature and massive gotten the song "Happy Together" by The Turtles so deeply rooted in my head. Such is the power of Marvel Vs .Capcom 3 Minimates' third and final round.

Captain America vs. Ryu! Doctor Doom vs. Wesker! Series three of Diamond Select Toys' MVC3 Minimates pulls out the heavy hitters for a one-two punch of... I just can't stop d'awwing over Amaterasu. That's the most adorable Minimate I've ever seen. Who's a good dog?

Where were we?

Cap, Ryu, Doc and Wesker join specialty market exclusives She-Hulk vs. Chun Li and X-23 vs. Felicia in comic book stores across the country this week, while collectors seeking MODOK vs. Akuma or the ultimate ‚ÄĒ Thor vs. Amaterasu ‚ÄĒ will have to wait for Toys "R" Us to get their exclusive-hoarding butts into gear in the coming weeks.

So while I wait for a tiny Minimates Amaterasu to terrorize my Minimates Thundercats, here's what the rest of the gang is up to.



MVC3 Minimates Series Three Gallery [Art Asylum]