ProjectorGames, creators of one of the best-selling Xbox Live Indie MineCraft clone FortressCraft, are going in a different direction with FortressCraft2D: sideways.

A far cry from the 3D building game that sold like gangbusters in the XBLIG channel, FortressCraft2d is a 2D zombie survival game that leans heavily on procedural generation of worlds and weapons to keep the experience fresh and new every time it's played. There's a definite Terraria vibe here, with a little Borderlands thrown in for good measure.

This is a community-driven game, so much so that they've gone and shared the design doc, which covers everything from inception to merchandising potential. And don't mention ripping off other games ‚ÄĒ he's got slapping people that do on his todo list.


FortressCraft2D : Zombie Survival [IndieCity Underground]