A celebrity guest pose kicked off last week's edition of Kotaku 'Shop Contest. Internet-famous Sexy Mario offered up his centerfold for the reworking and remastering of our depraved artists. We have this week's best inside, plus overall winner warmsleepy!

Though Sexy Mario was indeed at a tennis court, I fully expected to see him transported to many other locales thanks to head swaps. You guys didn't disappoint. Chris Hayward (1) put him on the Jersey Shore. Trojan211 (12) put him in the Backstreet Boys 'N_Sync (whoops. Actually, I'm kind of glad I didn't know who the fuck that was.) uscg_pa (13) in a feat of artistic determination and patience, created the poster to the movie I most want to see.

The Password is Taco (9) called back to another story that featured on the same day. Night.Skyie (6) called back to another 'Shop Contest. So did Galogon (2). Kharon (5), opted for a full palette swap with nice effects on the hot serve. Fifteen-love!

Lots of folks supplied Mario Tennis cover art, but TripleBBB (11) zigged where others zagged for the best entry out of this series. Repeat offender sciteach (8) fed the asexual Birdo some balls. I'm usually not a big fan of text on these entries, but Pan_1da7's (7) credit is good with me, and after recasting his 'shop as a magazine ad, makes the cut yet again.


Overall winner won by a country mile. warmsleepy (14) captured the essence of sexy, of Sexy Mario, and of the intersection of the two. Dulce et decorum est that Sexy Mario, he gets all the sexy ladies in the end.

Thanks to all who entered. We have a new contest for you tomorrow.

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The Password is Taco