For the last few years, it seems like Japan has been a tear to toss up giant mecha (robot) statues. There have been several life-sized Mobile Suit Gundam statues, as well as a one-to-one scale Gigantor and a full-scale Evangelion bust. But 2012 looks like it could be the year that Japan goes from giant machines to giant ladies.

Previously, Kotaku posted that a huge 60-foot replica of Neon Genesis Evangelion heroine Rei Ayanami is going up in Tokyo later this month. She won't be alone.

Like Rei Ayanami, One Piece's Princess Shirahoshi is coming to life in kiddy slide form.


Tokyo's Odaiba, home of the Giant Gundam, is now home to an enormous Mermaid Princess statue. In One Piece, the larger than life Princess Shirahoshi is described as being eight to ten times as big as hero Luffy. Here, she is nearly 50 feet tall (seated).

Japan's Fuji TV regularly holds summer festivals in Tokyo's Odaiba. This year's festival is "Shirahoshi Mermaid Park". It recently opened on July 14, and it will run to September 2. Tickets are ¥1,500 (US$19) for general admission and ¥1,300 ($16) for grade schoolers and junior high students.

Shirahoshi Mermaid Park has a variety of activities and attractions—as well as themed One Piece food. There are also t-shirts and limited edition figures (see the above gallery, courtesy of fan site TonyTonyChopper)

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(Top photo: TonyTonyChopper)