Sega's Tokyo Joypolis is not Sega's best arcade. That does not matter. What it is, however, is Sega's biggest spectacle. It's less a game center and more a video game inspired theme park. Still, for a hyperbolic arcade experience, few can compete.

And as of this week, Tokyo Joypolis has a new coat of paint.

Sega recently completed remodeling Tokyo Joypolis, keeping some of the amusement center's most well known attractions, like the half-pipe and the Initial D set-up, and adding some new ones, such as a Ring inspired haunted house and a new roller coaster called "Veil of Dark".


There's also a stage set-up, which now hosts mini-live events by virtual idol Hatsune Miku.

While Tokyo Joypolis does nickel and dime visitors, charging them between ¥500 (US$6.30) and ¥800 ($10) for each attraction in addition to the ¥800 entrance fee, visitors can check stuff out for free: there's a PS Vita demo corner and interactive "digital real" walls and tables for people to touch.

Or you can just gape at the life-sized Initial D set-up. That's what I usually do.

The newly renovated Tokyo Joypolis opens to the general public on July 14.

Photos courtesy of Dengeki Online, Famitsu, and 4Gamer. More in the links below.

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「東京ジョイポリス」リニューアルオープン直前。内覧会で最新アトラクションからライブステージまでをチェックしてきた [4Gamer]