There are many ways to celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Some people host massive cookouts. Some shoot off fireworks. Others still throw parades. Here at Kotaku, we celebrate by limiting our daily gaming app spotlight to only four amazing games.

Some might tell you this is because we were all off on Wednesday, but that's not the case at all. I just feel that packing five days' worth of gaming apps into four was what the founding fathers of this great nation would have wanted. Besides, I was off Monday and Tuesday as well, so the math doesn't add up.

And, as I said, we made the four days we had count. Rainbow Tissue Cat alone is worth at least two days. Toss in that zombie thingy and we probably should have just stopped there. But no, we soldiered on, just like the primitive robots that battled for America's freedom all those many years ago.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Pretty Zombies, Ugly Video Game

Dead Trigger is a first-person shooter that was released over the weekend on iOS and Android. The draw here is that, at least on a retina display (iPad included) it looks amazing. More »

If Tetris Were About Making Words, It Would Be This Game

I play a lot of word games. Competitive, single-player, silly, serious... I like messing around with all the weird and wonderful combinations the English language has to offer. I am used to the ebb and flow of word games, to the way consonants feel, to the hunt for vowels. They comfort me. More »

I'm Going To Bounce On Toilet Paper While Roleplaying As A Cat All Day

Are you telling me there's an iOS game called Rainbow Tissue Cat and you think I wouldn't choose it as my Gaming App of the Day? More »

Puddle THD Proves the Power of Tegra 3 Gaming

After visiting two different companies working on dedicated Android game controllers at E3 2012, I decided it was high time I gave Android games more attention, particularly the titles running on the most powerful Android processor going, Nvidia's quad-core Tegra 3. Games like Neko Entertainment's Puddle THD, a physics puzzler only possible via the power of the Tegra 3. More »