Fighting game fans go great lengths to create their own custom arcade controllers, personalized weapons carved from raw passion to wage a war against all comers. What if the same ingenuity and passion were applied to a non-fighting game like StarCraft II? I think it would go a little something like this.

Created by the amazing Mauricio Romano for a cross-over contest held by fighting game site Shoryuken, this astounding creation utilizes precision Sanwa buttons in two sizes and a custom pointing device mounted on an Ultrastik analog joystick configured as a mouse to simulate the traditional StarCraft II control scheme.

Does it work? Yes. Does it work well? Well, no, but that was hardly the point. In the dark mirror universe where professional StarCraft have the spare time to do arts and crafts, this is what they're building.

Click here to follow Mauricio's path to greatness from inspiration to end product.

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