Yurina Kumai towers over other Japanese popstars—literally. At 176cm, she's by far the tallest member of her group, Berryz Kobo. Sure, that's "only" 5 feet 9 inches (some now wonder if she's actually taller), but your typical Japanese pop star is much, much shorter.

The discrepancy becomes evident when Kumai stands next to her contemporaries—or appears on TV, for that matter. When she's on television, either has her head cut out of frame or writing accidentally appear over her eyes.

Japanese variety shows are cluttered with subtitles and graphics—often so the show can highlight certain things people say or clue viewers in to what's going on future events.

Just like when short popstars are paraded out in front of tall models, this tall popstar is paraded out with short popstars.

【画像あり】熊井友理奈ちゃん(自称176cm) [アルファルファモザイク]