My, my. The lack of the traditional end-of-June Steam summer sale certainly has some people riled up, if this video is any indication. While gamers wait out as the early days of July pass on with no sale announcement, some want to take matters into their own hands.

Like these two "threatening" terrorists, claiming they'll kill the man in the video for every day the Steam sale remains elusive. Though, if they wanted to keep in line with sending a scary message to Gabe Newell, they probably shouldn't have wished him a good day. Gabe was all, "Well I was about to feel threatened, but then they told me I should have a good day, and threats do not a good day make!" Killed your own message with one line, terrorists!

In all seriousness, I find this to be a pretty risky move, even in the obvious comedy of it all. But maybe that's cause I'm middle eastern and too paranoid to make terrorists jokes. At least in public.

A message to Gabe Newell [YouTube via Reddit]