The beta forPhantasy Star Online 2 has ended, and the official service will finally start on July 4. Although the game is free-to-play with no required fees, there are in-game premiums that players can choose to buy. The in-game premiums can be purchased by Arcs Cash, which can be charged through PSO's official website. Unfortunately, this service has yet to be incorporated for smartphones and the PlayStation Vita.

To celebrate the official release, there will be an update adding a whole new area, the tundra, with added enemies. Story-oriented quests, time-attack quests, new wedding themed skins, and other additional contents have been added as well.


Aside from the official service release date, SEGA announced the PSO2 Premium Package for the PC to be sold on September 13th of this year. Contents include codes for five original weapons set, larger item inventory, character/item color palette, and other in-game boosters. The price for the package is 6279 JPY, or 78.64 USD, which may seem a bit too expensive for the average casual gamer. Nonetheless, the game can be enjoyed without paying a cent—or yen.

Official Phantasy Star Online 2 Site (Japanese)